• Adventuretime1

    August 14, 2014.

    August 14, 2014 by Adventuretime1

    First day of high school at Murrieta Mesa, decided to come back almost a year after leaving...

    only to find that most of my original content is gone and replaced due to an anonymous user wiping the pages.

    In a way, it's more of a reincarnation, since I have become much better at writing compared to 2 years ago, even though the pages are more of a patch job.

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  • Adventuretime1

    November 22, 2013.

    November 23, 2013 by Adventuretime1

    I truly dearly wish I had the wiki abilities of other people. I admit, I have been doing this (wiki) longer, but in an extremely short amount of time, certain people have proven to me that they can do it better, alot better. I hope the people who plan on working with me aren't very demanding, considering I'm apparently the only admin, and I really don't like being rushed or expected of, because I usually can't deliver, which is why it took me so damn long to develop TWO of this wiki's pages; I got to work at my own [absolutely sluggish] pace. Getting upstaged by non-admins is a little depressing, but atleast I don't have to do any of the dirty work, and I get to make small edits as I see fit.

    Noone's gonna see this, but if you do, let me kno…

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  • Adventuretime1

    October 20th, 2013.

    October 21, 2013 by Adventuretime1

    Today I checked Facebook and found that the Coxman himself FOUND THIS wiki RIGHT HERE. I am very, VERY proud of myself (in the most selfish way possible) and everyone who contributed (not really) to get this small wiki to be SEEN by the man it was based around! I will remember this till the day I forget about it.

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  • RougeJoker

    Hey guys! Follower of the space butterfly here but you can just call me Cal! Last time I did this I accidently made a page instead of a blog post reason being i'm an idiot who doesn't know how to work a god damn wiki....

    Anyway! Onto me and here's hoping this is a personal blog type thing cause if it isn't, well then...i'll just be even more embarrased...

    Well, First things first! I love Pokemon! Anyone got X and Y if so let me know your 3DS friend codes :D

    Secondly, I'm just an average teenage guy living in south wales who loves music!

    And Finally! In my opinion the best youtuber out there is Jesse Cox(OMFG Cata) He never fails to amuse his fans and deliver content and we love him for that! He's the best youtuber out there and actually respec…

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  • Adventuretime1

    October 6th, 2013.

    October 6, 2013 by Adventuretime1

    By this time, you may have noticed that I have left this wiki for a time now (and trust me, I fixed this place up when I came to town), this is because I have to continue on with my daily life, y'know, my...


    ...subscriptions (no regrets).

    I'm already in 8th grade and am taking college courses at MIT online at school, so I'm not available during the morning during the week days. I can usually be found online from around 1:30 in the afternoon to 11:00 - 12:30.

    On another note, this wiki has seriously improved since I first came here.

    What I found then.

    • A home page.
    • Warcraft-related articles that were HORRIBLY, HORRIBLY made/edited.
    • A sad, sad excuse for a wiki, kinda fitting for the man it was about. //shot

    But seriously, I'm the one who cr…

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