Hey guys! Follower of the space butterfly here but you can just call me Cal! Last time I did this I accidently made a page instead of a blog post reason being i'm an idiot who doesn't know how to work a god damn wiki....

Anyway! Onto me and here's hoping this is a personal blog type thing cause if it isn't, well then...i'll just be even more embarrased...

Well, First things first! I love Pokemon! Anyone got X and Y if so let me know your 3DS friend codes :D

Secondly, I'm just an average teenage guy living in south wales who loves music!

And Finally! In my opinion the best youtuber out there is Jesse Cox(OMFG Cata) He never fails to amuse his fans and deliver content and we love him for that! He's the best youtuber out there and actually respects us! Thanks Jesse for being a youtuber and more than that and idol to a lot of us including me!